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Fiesta 2019 Series

Fiesta San Antonio started in 1891 as a one-parade event as a way to honor the memory of the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. A group of women decorated horse-drawn [...]

SXSW Spotlight

Tens of thousands of people recently descended on Austin, Texas during a nine-day stretch of festivals and conferences designed to highlight the hottest new entrants in the world of music, film and technology. Dozens of [...]


“You guys are the best! I’m all about the Buena Vibra lifestyle now and I always carry my VOS® diffuser bracelets and essential oils with me. Keep up the great work!”


“As a member of the Monthly VIP club, I always look forward to getting the freshest VOS® diffuser bracelets each month! I’m always a step ahead with my fashion tips!”


“I never take my VOS® diffuser bracelets off and all of my friends are always asking me about them. The story is so cool and the Buena Vibra lifestyle is absolutely amazing!”


“Wow, I’m blown away. That’s exactly what I felt when I put the first VOS® diffuser bracelet on my wrist. You guys truly kick ass. Thanks for being so awesome.”


 “When it comes down to it, I choose VOS® because I’m all about the Good Vibe. I’ve already shared the love with all of my friends and family. Keep going!”


 “Buying was almost like having a VOS® artisan right here with me. I just chose the products, clicked buy and boom, the package was at my doorstep!”


“Real knows real and I felt it the very first time I shopped online! When I got my products, it only backed up what I felt of you guys really being the real deal. One!”


“I really love the Buena Vibra lifestyle and all of my VOS® products are the topic of conversation with all of my friends. When you know, you know.”


“Once I put these diffuser bracelets on my wrist, I knew they were the real deal. I love that VOS® tells me who makes each one of my diffuser bracelets so I can feel connected.”


“VOS® made it so simple for me and my friends to be all about the Buena Vibra lifestyle. I love the brand and your products are absolutely amazing!”


“It is extremely easy supporting VOS®. The only difficult thing you’ll find is making a choice between all the pretty styles they have. Love, love, love my diffuser bracelets!”


“It’s so convenient to use my essential oils on-the-go with my bracelets! I’m always wearing them while I’m meditating or doing yoga; it puts me in a great mood.”

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