It started as an expression, and it’s become a movement. “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” Each choice of apparel and accessories from the Good Vibe Gangsta collection is designed to inspire kindness, compassion and positivity!

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, February 1, 2022

Good Vibe Gangsta by VOS collection of apparel and accessories with flexible sizing and the ultimate fit for Men, Women and Children; today officially launched the collection’s EV SSL secure e-commerce digital platform purposely on the birthday of the late father to the VOS brand’s co-founders.

They called him Triple OG and although in 2020 he moved into the next magical phase of existence, Mario Alejandro Flores Sarti left behind knowledge for all of us. One of the most powerful teachings was his staple expression of, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice” which is the foundation that the Good Vibe Gangsta collection is built upon.

“We all have it in us. Creating positive emotional and thought vibrations, that is. If you want to inspire others to be as positive as you or just want a dose of powerful positivity to help you be a better human being, the Good Vibe Gangsta collection is for you,” said Jimmy the co-founder at VOS.

With the creation of a tech centric ecosystem, all of the Good Vibe Gangsta apparel and accessories are designed with purpose. Each design is inspired by the most recent fashion trends for Men, Women and Children. Do you consider yourself a Good Vibe Gangsta? If so, find out more by visiting Good Vibe Gangsta by VOS online at

About VOS

VOS is a socially conscious, digitally-native and highly differentiated Good Vibe Fashion brand of apparel and accessories driven by quality, value and choice. The brand naturally resonates with men, women and children that have collectively created a community of fun loving and stylish advocates that are attracted to positivity. VOS is the creator of the Good Vibe Gangsta collection which is for anyone exhibiting the traits or demeanor associated with creating positive emotional and thought vibrations!


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