Tourism from the United States is the second most important for Guatemala, after the Central American market. This is the reason why INGUAT, an acronym for the national tourism council, initiated a campaign to promote the country’s cultural riches across various key cities in the United States; starting at Times Square in New York City. The spot is a video of 30 seconds that has been projected on various giant screens with the slogan: “Discover the secrets of Guatemala”, which reflects various images taken by different tourists. One of them shows the world famous Arch of Santa Catarina in Antigua Guatemala, another is the pyramid of the Grand Jaguar in Tikal along with an indigenous Mayan woman making fabrics to name a few.

An endless amount of social network users have shared photos taken on giant screens in ​​Times Square, specifically on West 48th Street. The Guatemala ad shares space with other advertisers and plays every two minutes with eight seconds. The screen has run for 23 hours a day, for four weeks at a time with an estimated reach of 2 million 552 thousand people per cycle. “We have an important amount of tourist visitors from New York, it is also the economic center of the United States, which has a population with a high per capita income and whom is also very interested in the rich culture market like what we have in Guatemala,” said Jorge Mario Chajón, Executive Director of INGUAT.

Chajón added that a study detailed that Guatemala is still an “unknown  paradise” in global tourism and that what the general population knows most about the country “were negative issues such as the levels of poverty and violence.” We at VOS® know that the aforementioned issues exist at some levels even in the United States and in almost every country around the globe. We also know that the beautiful Buena Vibra lifestyle that Guatemala offers the world is second to none. As we have practiced for decades, VOS chooses to focus on the endless positive aspects which Guatemala offers tourists and which we at VOS offer the consumer marketplace! Take a look at the video below to get a sneek peek into what millions of viewers saw while casually walking the streets of Times Square and get inspired to visit the Land of Eternal Spring to see for yourself why it’s an amazing country, second to none.