The New York Times recently published a special edition for children written by Tom Clynes where they tell more about the revealed mysteries of the Mayans in Tikal, Petén. As one of the most important newspapers in the United States, the article revealed mysteries of the Maya and more about the rich history and architecture of Tikal, in Petén. The publication was a special edition for children, and was published with colorful illustrations and on the cover you can see several people climbing the Great Jaguar temple, located in the Tikal National Park.

In addition, the article teaches about the treasures of the Maya, findings of archaeologists and scientists in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, in Petén. The discovery was achieved through Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology, which works through laser beams that penetrate the forest canopy, and with the images the experts made an aerial map. Thanks to this laser mapping technology, researchers have been able to see structures of cities that were hidden and whose study could change some notions that were held about the Mayan culture.

Hidden pyramids, huge fortresses in the jungle, farms, and canals scattered in the marshes along with highways that cross bushes in the jungle are some of the 61 thousand vestiges revealed by the investigation, carried out in Petén with this technology, which uses bursts of lasers to map an area. Finally, in the edition, it illustrated more about the discoveries such as: tombs of the Mayan rulers, pieces that they used in their daily life and details of the temples found in the Tikal National Park.

Lourdes Maldonado, Marketing Director of INGUAT, said the publication is part of the marketing strategy that the institution planned for 2019. The objective is to position the different destinations, segments and tourism products under the Guatemala brand, Corazón del Mundo Maya on a national and international scale.

Therefore, aligning with that strategy an international campaign has been contemplated that seeks to position tourist destinations and attractions hierarchy 4 and 5 contemplated in the Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism, in the priority markets: United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain and Israel. In addition to the promotion in printed media and magazines, INGUAT promotes through digital media, such as taxis, billboards, television and on board aircraft.

“The publication in the New York Times, is part of a strategy that INGUAT is doing, within which the New York Times must generate content from Guatemala, which seeks to awaken the interest and positioning of the Mayan culture in future generations, considering that this medium is one of the most powerful,” explained Maldonado.

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