Copa América 2019


The Copa América is the oldest soccer competition of national teams in the world. It was disputed for the first time in a trial edition in 1910, but it had its first official edition between July 2 and 17, 1916, as part of the commemorations of the centennial of Argentina's independence. In addition to the host country, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil also participated. From its first edition until 1967 the tournament was called the Campeonato Sudamericano de Selecciones. In the first edition, Uruguay won the championship, after a 0-0 match against Argentina in the final played at the Racing Club of Avellaneda [...]

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Reiwa: New Imperial Era Japan


Today, the Japanese government announced the name of the new imperial era: Reiwa. The government has not yet issued the official translation of the name's meaning, but it combines the characters "Rei" which can have meanings related to "order" but also "auspicious", and "Wa" meaning "peace" or "harmony". Reiwa will replace Heisei, the name of the current imperial era. Heisei literally means “become peace,” and the era began in 1989 when the current Emperor Akihito took the throne. Thus, the year Heisei 1 is 1989, Heisei 2 is 1990, and Heisei 3 1991 and so on. While almost unknown outside Japan, [...]

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