More than a journey, discover life lessons with VOS and Guatemala since we want to show you more than just lakes, jungles and volcanoes. More than ancient Mayan ruins and the Buena Vibra culture, VOS wants you to learn about life lessons.


You Haven't Seen It All Yet

Buena Vibra

Listen To The Planet

Every Volcano Has It’s Own Voice

Change The Way You Think

Buena Vibra

Positive Energy

Can Change Your Mindset

A Story Worth Telling

Buena Vibra

All You Dare To Try

Defines Who You Are

Sync With Your Planet

Buena Vibra

Born With A Special Purpose

To Live In Harmony With Nature

True Wealth Goes Beyond Money

Buena Vibra

Break The Protocols

To Smile Without A Reason

You Are What You Live

Buena Vibra

To Know Yourself

You Must Explore The World




Guatemala, the only risk is wanting to stay for more life lessons.