Our Soul Story

Following the lead and specialized training of the Head Artisan, we’re a group of hard working women that are life long residents of the sourcing region in the suburbs of Guatemala City, an area specifically called San José Pinula. We all have great interest in sustainable development for Guatemala and we know that in our case that starts by providing the world with the best artiSOULnal bracelets available on the market.

Generally speaking, when the global community couples the common words of “artisans” and “Guatemala” in the same sentence they automatically think of either rural communities or local indigenous communities. We’ve distinguished ourselves from the rest of the pack because we’re not exclusively pigeonholed into either of those categories but we are just as eager and as competent for soul crafting.

We are very proud to be the soul engine behind handcrafting authentic artiSOULnal bracelets and we take our responsibilities with plenty of seriousness and a lot of fun. We can tell you who crafts each of the artiSOULnal bracelets because we’re exclusive VOS® artisans that are specialized in our craft. Together we call ourselves The Soul Crew and we are dedicated to pouring our souls into the handcrafting process!

“I do not seek to work for the best company; I look for working to make my company the best.”


VOS Artisan

VOS Artisan

VOS Artisan

VOS Artisan

Behind The Scenes

Soul crafting is an art that we’ve all been trained for at VOS® and we’re all specialized in consistently delivering.