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LIFNEY Travel In Style

VOS diffuser bracelets have been chosen to be in the 22 Beach Accessories You Better Wear When There in an exclusive publication written by author Tan Sauteed from LIFNEY. The aforementioned editorial is one who [...]

Copa América 2019

The Copa América is the oldest soccer competition of national teams in the world. It was disputed for the first time in a trial edition in 1910, but it had its first official edition between [...]

New Media Film Festival

VOS partook in the 10th Anniversary of the 2019 New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles, California by curating bracelets in the VIP bags for the judging panel comprised of executives from HBO, Emmy's, Marvel, [...]

The Shala On Main

Established in 2007, The Shala On Main is the result of 7 years of experiences in the yoga field by the Founder. They are one of the first yoga studios that made yoga accesible to [...]

The New York Times

The New York Times recently published a special edition for children written by Tom Clynes where they tell more about the revealed mysteries of the Mayans in Tikal, Petén. As one of the most important [...]

The Foundry

As the Phoenix Valley’s very first Bikram yoga studio, The Foundry was hot when it wasn’t cool. Since then they’ve expanded their offerings while remaining true to their roots preparing their students for a truly [...]

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“It is extremely easy supporting VOS. The only difficult thing you’ll find is making a choice between all the pretty styles they have. Love, love, love my bracelets!”



“It’s so convenient to use my essential oils on-the-go with my bracelets! I’m always wearing them while I’m meditating or doing yoga; it puts me in a great mood.”



“Once I put these bracelets on my wrist, I knew they were the real deal. I love that VOS tells me who makes each one of my bracelets so I can feel connected.”