VOS embodies a healthy Buena Vibra lifestyle of mind, body and soul providing you with an experience that contributes to your social life and equipping you with a sense of belonging. No matter where VOS is worn – in the office, while running errands, when out with friends, at the gym – it portrays a value system that you can identify with.

It’s much more than a simple phrase — Buena Vibra is a way of life at VOS. It’s a philosophy that celebrates simple, stress-free living which inspires the Good Vibe Fashion designs and we think we can all stand to have more of that in our lives! The VOS community centers itself on health, nature, mindfulness and living a life of positivism proven through The VOS Manifesto that backs it up.

The “vos” expression actually means “you” and it’s a direct inspiration of the flavor of Spanish that is spoken specifically in Guatemala and various other regions of Central & South America. It just so happens to be the same flavor that our Founding Team fluently speaks too!


Being a very unique person, Jimmy decided to spearhead the creation process of a collection of apparel and accessories that would be just as unique as he has always been. As a dual citizen of the United States and Guatemala, it is not a coincidence that his creative inspirations have been influenced by his natural surroundings, always with a Good Vibe in the mix.

Always striving to take the higher road, Jimmy decided to not only create unique apparel and accessories, but to do it in an ethical and sustainable manner by aligning the operational goals with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) as well.

So why does Jimmy do what he does with apparel and accessories? Because every VOS product is designed with purpose and they all serve as a tangible reminders to keep things connected and grounded throughout all of life’s journeys!



Jimmy has been passionate about designing Good Vibe Fashion apparel and accessories his entire life. Anyone that knows him personally can vouch that he has always been inclusive of inspirations from various parts of the globe, but specifically always flavors from the USA and Guatemala.



Jimmy leads by example and he takes a hands-on approach to spearheading the humans driving the design process.



As a dual citizen of the United States and Guatemala, he has been a legitimate local in both countries his entire life.



Creating positive ripple effects globally through social impact is something he has been doing since his childhood.

“I listen to the advice from a volcano to stay active, to keep my inner fires burning, to know it’s okay to let off steam, to go with the flow, to be uplifting and to have a blast!” Jimmy


Meet some of the VOS artisans that are specialized in soul-crafting.

Kiryta Álvarez
Lesly Mejía
Saida Vega
Claribel Ramírez
Dora Vázquez