VOS fused the words “artisanal” and “soul” to create the word artiSOULnal.

VOS® embodies a healthy Buena Vibra lifestyle of mind, body and soul providing you with an experience that contributes to your social life and equipping you with a sense of belonging. No matter where VOS® is worn – in the office, while running errands, when out with friends, at the gym – it portrays a value system that you can identify with.

While style, fit and comfort may be the driving force of an initial purchase, it’s what happens afterwards that’s soul magical. You’re automatically initiated into the VOS® community that centers itself on health, nature, mindfulness and living a life of positivism proven through The VOS Manifesto that backs it up.

The “vos” expression actually means “you” and it’s a direct inspiration of the flavor of Spanish that is spoken specifically in Guatemala and various other regions of Central & South America. It’s the same flavor that our Founding Team fluently speaks which just so happens to be a singular colloquial version of the plural formal Castilian “vosotros” spoken in Spain.

Being a very unique person, Jimmy decided to spearhead the creation process of a collection of handmade diffuser bracelets that would be just as unique as he has always been. As a dual citizen of the United States and Guatemala, it is not a coincidence that his creative inspirations have always been influenced by his natural surroundings, with some of that being volcanoes.

Always striving to take the higher road, Jimmy decided to not only create unique diffuser bracelets, but to do it in an ethical and sustainable manner using natural raw materials cherished by the Mayans for centuries in Guatemala. As a pioneer, he was able to source The World’s First artiSOULnal Bracelets infused with volcanic rocks in each design.

So why does Jimmy do what he does with the artiSOULnal diffuser bracelets? Because they remind him of where we come from (Mother Earth) and they serve as a tangible reminder to keep him connected and grounded throughout all of life’s journeys!

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Jimmy has been passionate about artisan crafted bracelets and accessories his entire life. Anyone that knows him personally can vouch that he has always worn handcrafted bracelets from various parts of the globe, but specifically always a variation from Guatemala.



Jimmy leads by example and he takes a hands-on approach to spearheading the humans driving the artiSOULnal process.



As a dual citizen of the United States and Guatemala, he has been a legitimate local in both countries his entire life.



Creating positive ripple effects globally through social impact is something he has been doing since his childhood.

“I listen to the advice from a volcano to stay active, to keep my inner fires burning, to know it’s okay to let off steam, to go with the flow, to be uplifting and to have a blast!” Jimmy



We can tell you who crafts each of your artiSOULnal bracelets because they are exclusive VOS artisans that are specialized in soul-crafting. 

We work with the very best and we are proud of our VOS artisans.

Kiryta Álvarez
Lesly Mejía
Saida Vega
Claribel Ramírez
Dora Vázquez