USA Diffuser Bracelet

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Product Details
UPC: 766894345596
Brand: VOS
Gender: Unisex
Age group: Adult
Color: Blue


You can image this diffuser bracelet igniting your patriotic passions since the red, white and blue tonalities are rich and were actually combined for red, white and YOU. As an emotionally positive color combination with the volcanic lava rock beads it has a heart warming effect that inspires the chanting of USA-USA-USA deep from the heart!

Unique Attributes

  • Handcrafted by VOS® Artisans
  • Waterproof Waxed String
  • Ethically Sourced in Guatemala
  • Balanced Energy Lava Rock Beads (8mm)
  • Soul Infused
  • Includes the Authentic VOS® Logo Charm
  • One Size Fits Most
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