VOS® diffuser bracelets have been chosen to be in the 22 Beach Accessories You Better Wear When There in an exclusive publication written by author Tan Sauteed from LIFNEY. The aforementioned editorial is one who creates curated content that takes one’s travel experience to the next level with monthly travel tips and recommendations from experts. As they state on their site, “every day of our short lives the world is opening up for us to marvel in all of its character and beauty, which means the most difficult question nowadays is not “is it possible to travel to a certain location?” but rather, “what do I do or where do I go when I get there?”

That is why at LIFNEY they specialize in detailed travel guides, in depth and bespoke gift guides and ideas to cater to all of one’s travelling needs. They work with travel writers, industry professionals and natives throughout the world and they pride themselves in their diversity. They always have someone available to create comprehensive stories as well as the best insight into each specific global region. We at VOS® found the editorial’s name to be unique and have direct significance since the word “lifney” in the Hebrew language means “before, in front of” further validating their unique travel gift ideas written by professionals full of insight and tips to make one’s travelling experience truly memorable.

Below is what the VOS® highlight in their article looks like and here is a direct clickable link to see the LIFNEY publication.